Jul 21, 2014

Your Mouth Controls Your Life

Yup. You read that right. Our mouth do controls what happens in our life. It is the best prophesy in life and I am going to tell you the reasons why I said so.

1. You can either bless your life or curse your future.
Have you seen people who said positive things over their life and things are doing really great for them and for those who always said that they are going to fail tends to fail? I had and I can ensure you that it is true. What you speaks out of your mouth is what you are going to believe in and when the mind decides that, it's going to do just that. 

Being a active Pilates practitioner, I know how the mind plays a HUGE role in doing your workout. It is the most important role because if you don't put your mind into whatever moves you are doing, you are doomed to not feel anything at all. Don't believe me? Try it the next time you hit the gym. When you tell yourself that you can do one more move, you can really do it but once you say, "It's enough.", down you drop to the ground.

2. Speaking about the situation
Sometimes when something bad happen, what do we do? Most of the time, the phone is up and we start calling our friends and family to find comfort in that situation. I know that it is important to have find comfort from people who can protect you for the time being but why not, instead of repeating the negative vibes, keep quiet and go to God. Seek Him first and then go to the people. In any way, He is the One who is in control of all the things in our life right?

However, it is never easy to control our mouth when something happens. We just want to break down and instead of asking for His help to get through the situation, we start to question why things happen. We start to ask, "Why God. Why? Why bad things happen to good people?" I do believe that things happen for a reason, and God will show us the reason one day. Maybe never will but it may be an inspiration to others who know our stories. 

Therefore, instead of complaining about things, let's try to control our speech and let God takes control. 

3. Speak Positive Things
Instead of being a person who is pessimistic, look at the bright side. I know that looking at the bright side is never easy at times but it's better to deal the situation with a smile instead of a frown right? 

"The cards in life are the same. It's how you deal with it that makes the whole difference."

Speaking positive things will brighten things up and it will be what you believe in. Even if it is not turning out the way you expect it to be, it will always get better at the end of the day

"If you can't picture it, you will never achieve it."

And now you know the reasons why God only gave us one mouth and every other things are paired huh? Listen more and talk less. It will certainly makes things better.

Love always!

eunice gm 

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