Aug 11, 2014

Adulthood Has Change Me

Long before I begin my blogging life in the year of 2009, I did not expect to see myself still having a blog tod but there sure are some changes that had I gone through.

My writing style had went through a tremendous change. When I was 17, I tend to write down whatever that went through my head every day but stepping into the age of 22, I stop doing that. I realized that I tend to keep my thoughts to myself and stop writing about my life.

That's weird huh? I was so full of passion to write about things that I went through that my ex bofie could somehow know more about me and my thoughts through the blog. It was kinda weird that that had change. Easy to say, I had stop putting my life out for the world to see. I start to focus more on the real people around me and kinda stop all the social stuff in the network.

Another thing that had change with blogging is that in the old days, I tend to say whatever that is on my mind. I can just type out anything and without filter, if I can put it into words. Nowadays? Man, I have to re-read whatever that I wrote to see if I made any "social" mistakes that I might invited unwanted attention.

Ah well, guess I had grown or I am just older in age but it's a good thing to see this part of me growing. I got in touch to my inner self and somehow just grow up a little though this blog suffer a little laa. =D

Well, there it goes. A short ramble from me.

Peace and out people!

eunice gm.

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