Aug 9, 2014

What It Means To Be Successful To Me?

Heey-llo people of the internet! It's nice to be smelling good and refresh after a good and long shower. It was rest day today and I was supposed to tweet about "What it means to be successful to me?" but I figured that I have WAY too many things on my mind to tweet and 140 words is just not enough!

Anyway, if you do not know from my instagram, I had started my fitness journey three months ago. It was one fine day when one my girlfriend told me that she would like to lose some weight and I had been following a popular fitness tutor, Cassey Ho but never had the thought to follow her through. Since my friend raise that issue, I thought, "Why not give it a try? At least I have a friend with me and things is ALWAYS easier with friends around."

AND my first routine begin. It was for beginner state and it was all well. I was so proud when the calendar was ticked day after day. There are days where we skip (university students here!!) and days where we would eat food that is not supposed to be in our diet. It was also the first time where I start to really see what was I putting into my body. I did watch what I ate after gaining so much weight but this was more intense! I started to choose wisely and like I said, it was much easier with a friend around.

Anyway, fast forward to three months later, my weight did not change much but I have seen what my body could do nowadays. My biceps are slowly showing and my thighs are much stronger than before. My body is changing and it was for the better! Though the weight did not change much, I found out that fitness is not about the weight but about getting healthier and I could see the change in me. My pants had drop one size smaller and I am super surprise about it!

Whoah. I think I ran a little far from the title. >_<

SO here is my meaning of being success.

1. Able to see my body in a lean, muscular and stronger mode AKA Beast Mode.
This is my first thing in mind. To be successful in life, after all that I had been through these few years, it's time to be a better me and what is much better than getting fitter? A fit mind comes from a fit body right? I want to see myself in a place where I had never expect my body to be. I want to see muscles popping (not like cross fit body laa) and be in a stronger place.

2. Able to do 1000 squats.
I am half way through this and boy- I would never imagine that I could do 30 before all this and now I had done 615 squats. It was hard, I will not deny but it was awesome. The aftermath was kinda bad but I was loving it! Soon, I hope to see myself finishing this video.

3. Have a job that I love.
This had been a dream in me since I was a kid. Growing up in a family that tend to lacks things that I would wish to have like, taking up ballet or learning new things, it had thought me that I am not going to have this lifestyle in the future. I want to make a change for myself and only through myself that this can be change.

"I can't control the environment around me but I can control the way I react to it." - Cassey Ho 

Way before I started my fitness journey, this sentence has always been with me. It was so inspiring that I kinda kept it lock in my heart. It also changes the way in how I deal with my family problems at home.

4. Have a house where I could come back home and feel warm.
Like I said, since problems had always been running around in the family, I tend to prefer the outside world and I would really want to have a home where I would feel warm. It's the place where I could feel free and do whatever that I wish to do, without worrying that someone would mind what I am doing.

You know the saying,

"Home is where you lay your head" - Unknown
I don't really agree with it.

"Home is where you can feel safe and warm while house is just a place where you lay your head." - Unknown
Therefore, I am looking forward to having a place where I could come back after work or after a good traveling trip and just get naked and slip under the cover.

There. That kinda sums up what does it mean to be successful in my life. It's my life so of course we have different plans. What are yours? What does it takes to say "I am successful"?

Well, I am far from my "success plan" right now but I know I am working towards it so I am not going to give up.

eunice gm.

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