Dec 26, 2014

The Usual Ramble

Heey there,

No reason for me to explain why my fingers had been missing from the keyboard. Well, you know. The usual stuff. Stuff that can be explain but then people might say that are all excuses so, let's just say, Ah well. *big grin*

I was studying before I decided to take a small break by coming in here to put my fingers to work. Exams is around the corner now and I am still not properly done on any subjects. *That's so me* Things are hectic plus Christmas had just gone by. Thank God I do not have Christmas party to do or to attend to or else, I think I would be more crazy with work.

Year 2014 had not get over with and it has already open so many doors for me to expand myself and lead me out of my comfort zone. I can say in this month alone, I had experienced things that make me realized that many feelings in me had been stimulated.

A few examples, I had just finished a Christmas Musical, not coordinated by me *of course* but I did helped out. I guess, it was an eye opener. I seen things that happen in the real world, I see people doing stuff which I am not happy about, personally. I also seen people doing things which are touching. It was all very hectic but I do appreciate those stimulation.

One more example, this semester in academic perspective, I seen that I had left back a lot. I don't know what happen but I am certain that games took a big part of it. LOL. Test results had came back disappointingly but at least I did not get a 0 eh? This semester had been tougher than the semester before but I am sure I will be okay. Things always ended up okay in the end so let's just enjoy it eh?

As for traveling, I am making plans to go to places next year and with God's grace, it would be a success. I won't say much about it right now as paper works are still on the move and I don't think I want to jinx it, don't I?

Next year, 2015, it would be a year where friends will soon leave to enter another phase in life and I am sad. Extremely sad but that is life. People come and go right? So do appreciate the people in your life. They may not be as amazing but I am sure they had taught you a few things in life.

Next year, 2015, I do expect that things will be much hectic than now as it would be my final year soon and final year project is here to torture me. I had took a huge risk in getting a very charming supervisor who is also very good at what he do to guide me along. I decided to choose him as I know that if I do not get someone like him, I would end up like shit. Though there will be many things done under him, I guess, it's a phase for me to work on my patience and stress management. LOL.

One thing I can say is I am excited for the year 2015. It will be a year of blessings, a year of adventure and a year where I will be stepping closer to my goal in life.

I wonder what will happen if I can see the future eh?

eunice gm.

P/S: Back to books!

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