Dec 25, 2015

A Christmas Post

Hello peeps. It's the season once again. Where are you? Are you with your family snuggle together or are you alone, trying to post something on the internet to feel a little significance in this wide world? *ehem*

First of all, let's begin with the formalities. Blessed Christmas people! May this season brings warm and lotsa love from family and friends! 

It's been an amazing year and although there were a few ups and downs, that is life right? As I always say, "Life goes on." 2015 had been one crazy year where I met new people, went to new places, tried out different things, been hit by life a few times, came back up stronger than before, and losing grandpapa. Thinking about this, it's my first christmas without someone I love, a Christmas without some important people in life and if I were to look further into next year, I can predict that the people that I spend christmas this year, might not be celebrating christmas with me next year. The people that was with me last year was not with me this year and I don't even know where are they in this whole wide world.

This is also the season where I tend to ponder on what I had done throughout the whole year. When christmas hits you, it means that the year is finally coming to an end. What have I done differently this year? What have I act or said or grown differently this year? Did I grow at all? Was I the same as last year? How was it for me last year? How will it be for me next year? There are just so many questions running in my head that I got so frustrated with all these thoughts running in my head.

I was driving just now when I suddenly felt the anxiety once again and boy- I hate it each time it hits me. I hate it how it grabs your heart and just pulled it down like a place with 9.8m/s^2. I hate how each time it happens, I have to keep it close to me so that others don't see that part of me. I know it is a valuable part of me and I should let some people in but- I doubt it will ever happen. Try to think about it, letting in someone who sees your valuable side and one day, or one year later, this person don't even know where you are. It's like giving someone a key to a room where you may not know when this person may come back and steal all the things in that particular room.

Aye aye. Eu is blabbering again huh? I'm sorry but... it's christmas right? Don't I get a little slack here? Besides, I am sure I am not the only one who feels like saying more on a day like this. It's like.. Hari raya for the muslims and chinese new year for the chinese? It's christmas for me. And... I feel like crying. Dayum.

Okay. It's a new day tomorrow and hopefully this season bug will leaves soon. I just want life to take over again and YOLO? Hah. Even this YOLO thing is running around in my head. What will you choose? Your heart or your brain? Will you do the thing that you love or will you do the thing which is right? What is right and what is wrong?

P/S: What do you do when you feel empty inside on a season like this?


eunice gm.

Nov 12, 2015

(Remaining) Life of a University Student

Once again, these fingers of mine longed for the touch of keyboards running it's pace, giving out little clicks that make the brain tingle with excitment to produce something on the screen. It's been a fast November I would say, and things are getting a little heat up with christmas lights and christmas songs in shopping malls. These seasons are fast! One day after Diwali and things are looking red and green in windows of malls. I even begin to recieved christmas gift card and promotions for the month of holiday a.k.a month of spending money.

It's the middle of the month, and it also marks one more month to go before my life in University will end it's course. Finally, I would be out there! I would be wearing office attire and driving to work with a cup of Starbucks in hand, smacking my lips in hope to meet a cute client in the day. *Okay. Cmon Eu, you got to snap out of this dream*

Before that dream of mine can be achieved, I need to look for a job, and frankly speaking, I don't think it's as easy as I seen my friends did it. My buddies who had been successful in looking for jobs had gotten enough offers to swing it all in my face but what I gotten so far? 2 phone interviews, and that's it. I mean, shouldn't company come running cause of cheap labor going on here? *jk*

Put the joke aside, it is a frustrating moment when companies do not reply and since I am longing for a place far from home, I don't even understand if I am doing the right thing. Am I thinking right by applying for jobs far away from home? Am I doing the right thing by not applying for the companies that seems fit to my requirement just because I dislike the culture? Am I saying the right words or doing the right thing? Urgh. I wish there's someone who can guide me all in this but as they say, you are all alone in this world, babey. *insert wink*

Although that's the usual rant, there's also the fun that I feel that I am missing out. #FOMO (Feeling of missing out). On one hand, I need to focus on my thesis and on the other hand, I just want to have fun all day long! I just want to hang out, chat, laugh at things, which... I will not be able to do soon in one month time. I will be missing this group of people I would say and I don't know if it would be a healthy thing or not when the time comes. Ah well, life goes on!

No matter what happens, I know I'm gonna be okay. It's all fun and interesting and I know good things will eventually come out of it so, let the rain or sunshine come!

Take me back. No, take me forward to a better future! 

P/S: How's your intern like? Did you ever did any intern? 

eunice gm.

Oct 31, 2015

Goodbye October

Hello peeps! This month (October) is a month that brought me through crazy events where I don't even know where I am heading to. It's the month that requires me to rethink the reason on why am I here, what am I doing, and how I can continue to bring goodness to this world. It's also the month which taught me to let things go and learn to accept that people do leave us at times. It's the month which brings down more tears than I could hold up in this year, the year of 2015.

26th October 2015, the day where I am supposed to graduate with my previous batch but because of God's crazy idea which till today I can never understand the reason why things happen, I found that my grandpa has returned back to the Lord. He left this humble earth to a better place at 4am and it had been hectic since then. I am still coping with the fact that he's gone and though it's hard, I am thankful that I have friends and classes to continue to keep me busy. He's gone at the age of 80 (according to Chinese calendar) and I am glad that he had eventually lived till this age where he could enjoy the pamper of his children.

The month October is also the month where I realized that, little human me wants to share something with the world. Today, we were in a course where we were asked to visualized our future in five years time and the thing about this exercise is that we should use present tense, which also means that the things that we want are already in our procession. So, let me try this out.

It had been a few years since I left university life and I am now in my 30's. For the past five years after coming out to society, I had been busy gaining experiences and giving back to the society and at the same time trying to keep money to carry out my plan. By the age of 30, I had traveled to 193 countries in two years time with the companion of a supportive boyfriend who understands my ambition and goals and he shares the same ideal ambition as me. In the time of traveling, I had gained much experience in meeting people, tasting the different culture, looking at the different places in this world, and meeting a group of people who share the same values as me. 

What value would that be, you wondered? Well, I want to help girls or women who comes from abusive families. I want to aim at young girls who been through any kind of abuse, especially little ones who needs a safe haven to be safe from all their attackers. I would have a house on a private land by the beach where it will be call "Home". A short and simple name to remind people that home is a place to be safe and secure. Every weekend, we would have BBQ party by the beach, filled with music, laughter and singing. There will never be racists, religious talk or any stereotype for all Home focus on is the safety of the residents. At the same time, these ladies who comes here will be able to be anonymous as they learn the things that they are interested in, such as art, music, or even writing. By the time they are ready to head out to the world, they will have a new identity that will aid them in their future.

Hah. All these sound so impossible huh but nothing is impossible, that I believed and since God had place this plan in my heart, I know for sure that He will have plans that will eventually work one day.

Month of October. Thank you for all that you had taught me in this month. I appreciated it a lot and I know I will continue to be strong though it is a tough month.

In loving memory of Grandpapa. (1936-2015). 

eunice gm.

Sep 11, 2015

Day 5: Guo Pindul - Bukit Bintang

Read more on Day 4 here 

Day 4 was a busy day but when Day 5 finally came, I think it was the day where things just go as smoothly as it can be. The morning was filled with shopping activities at a Tshirt printing factory. I am not sure what is the name of that place but the clothes in there can be consider for buying. The quality is good and the design are typical Indonesian design.

The method of doing the design for the shirts looks super easy but maybe it's because the team are so use to doing what they are doing though.  

Right after lunch, which we had at a super atas location for it looks like a house and act as a house but they do sell batik and good food. It may be pricey if you compared it in Indonesia but if you were to convert it back to malaysia, I would say that the food would be around RM9-RM15. 

I forgot what is the name of this dish but it looks like some sort of a salad.

This is a pilu fish. You eat this with rice and it taste heaaaveeen~ 

With our stomach full with good food, we head off to the main activity of the day which is to conquearu my fear of caves. I don't know if I ever discussed about this but I have a slight claustrophobia. I hate tight spaces. I can still go in but I just hate the anxiety that I feel. Anyway, when this acivity was inserted into our tentative, I dread the coming of this day. I kept forcing myself to watch videos on cave and force myself to imagine myself in that place. It is scary but I am glad that I did it.

The moment I saw the cave opening, my heart felt. I was trying to be strong but the tears just came down like rainfall. I wasn't crying like boo-hoo kinda cry but it was more of a silent cry. Thank God there were friends who held on to me and kept giving me inspiring speech *eh gitu* 

We did went into the Pindul Cave and the beauty is mesmerizing. There's bats, crystallize stones and myth that everyone should try, like if guys touch a certain stone, he would be stronger and if girls were to felt the drop of a water from a upside down Borobudur stone structure, they will be much prettier. I don't know how true is all that but myths are always fun don't you think? 



The mouth of the cave

 The crystallize stone


The upside down Borobudur. Psst. Only ladies are allowed to feel this okay. ><


This was almost the end of the cave. At this point, all I know is that "I can see light!!"


I've done it! When we reach this point, there was light pouring in so there wasn't any fear in me as long as I am in a safe spot. I sort of found my comfort zone. Besides, we are in the water and there are stones to jump off, so that is MY thing people! >< 

The end of Pindul Cave. It was a short journey but it is a memorable memory. Psst, don't we look like cows ready to be sold away? 

The trip ended well. And tired. 

That night we went to a place call Bukit Bintang where you can see the whole town of Yogya. It is a place where you can see how small we are - and although we realize that when we saw Borobudur Temple, Mount Merapi and Pindul Cave but when you came to this spot, you could really say, "Wow". Besides, at this point, I was a little emotional. The trip is coming to an end and DIGSMA crew is going to be on their own once again once this trip is over. This team had proven to everyone that we could plan a GOP in six months time no matter what people said. Although, we did had out ups and downs laa and most of it is downs but I am glad that we are done and over with this program.

By the way, the restaurant that we went, Bukit Indah is the name I think, doesn't really sells good food. Maybe if you have the time, you can visit other restaurants instead?

eunice gm.

Sep 10, 2015

Day 4: Kereton - Taman Sari - University Gadjah Mada - FKY - Tugu Yogya

Read more on Day 3 here

Hello hello~ Day 4 was the day that I love all the pictures that I took. Maybe it was the day that started off quite well and my leg heal much better or maybe it's just the clothes that I wore but anyway, I can foresee that this post would be a long post on pictures. 

The first location that we went was to Kereton, also known as the King's Palace till today. We had a tour guide with us for this as we sort of learn our lesson at Borobudur temple but, it was also a wrong decision as our tour guide was too fast for us. Imagine leading 11 people and each of them got their own heads in walking the road so when a guy is trying to lead us and he is walking too fast, the information that he tried to impart to us was kinda useless cause only a certain group of people manage to hear what he said. 

Anyway, the Kereton acts as a Palace and a museum where tourists can see the family line, the traditional things of the royal family and how was their lifestyle in the old days. Most of the images on the wall is kinda old but it is a museum right? Of course things are going to be old in there. 

The team


With the retire royal guides. Please don't question the look. 

And the model eu is out. Ahah! 


#selfie with the current king in his young age


The tour ended with a wayang kulit show and I will admit it is a little boring for me. Maybe it's because there's no introduction to the story or maybe it's too early but if given another chance, I would wanna catch a wayang kulit show.

The next location that we went was Taman Sari where it is well known for the King to visit this place to choose the "lucky one" where His mistress and wives would bath in the swimming pool located here. It is kinda run down and you can see people houses in this place. I can say it is one hella messy place to go to but looking at the beauty, you won't say no. 

The entrance to the swimming pool.


The wolf pack. 

There's this place inside where if you continue walking you will find a place call Kampung Internet. At this place itself, you can see many shops selling batik and local brand. Bought a shirt from a place call the Voice of Jogja and I just love their products!  There is also a underground mosque where in the old days only the Ulama is allowed in there to lead the prayers together with the royal family. 

Our next stop for the day was a formal/academic event where in every GOP program, we need to visit a university in that area to understand and see if there are any differences in between the two universities. Anyway, UGM had been a great help to us all. They were busy with their classes and yet they still manage to give us some of their time. UGM may be smaller than our university here but man, you still need a bicycle to take you around! AND guess what, the bicycle is register by using their card yea. You can even use the student card for buying food too okay. Damn cool. ><

DIGSMA crew with the crew from UGM. Thanks guys for welcoming us! 

This was during a sharing of culture between Indonesia and Malaysia. Don't they look lovely? 

With the international officer from UGM. 

Right after that event, we went off for something less formal which is a festival. It is an arts festival and we were lucky that they were having it there when we were in Indonesia. Bukan selalu taw! Our time was short here so we went back the next day for some fun and we did had our share of fun. There's great food, a good time for bonding, and there's just so many shops that sell incredible stuff! A friend bought from a designer who designs her own clothing and you can check it out here. I don't know if she send out international shipping though.


That night itself, the four of us head out for the night with the intentions to see what is the nightlife around Jogya and I won't say that I was disappointed for the crowd there always involves themselves with food and drinks - unlike Jb-ians who always have some good spots to hang out for the night. We did make our self go to the tugu though. It is a famous must-go place to take picture when you are in Jogya and I am glad that we manage to be there.

Presents to you the Tugu from Jogya!

The midnight crew. 

Overall Day 4 was a fun day. In one day itself it was filled with activities from morning till night and I can say that it is a successful day?  Btw, Jogya do have nightlife but.. you got to dig a little deeper. We got limited cash and limited time so we did not manage to dig all up but if given the chance to do that again, why not?

eunice gm.

Sep 8, 2015

New Semester

The new semester had begin for most university students and welcome to all freshman! Enjoy your university life cause it's going to go poof in a blink of an eye. It may seems scary and all with the amount of classes and lecturers or maybe seniors who are rushing to meet up with you, but chillax. It's going to be okay.

Anyway, since this is my last semester in university, there are only four subjects that require the attention and since most lectures love to combine the time, I ended up with lotsa blank space in between the schedule. It may seems to be a good idea but I am so scared that I may not use it wisely as I should be using it. There's final year project, there's community stuff to attend to, and there's just so many little things that needed immediate attention- and obviously, I am not doing it.

Time management is one killer thing that will destroy you if you are not being friends with it. ><

So, the motive of this blog post is to remind myself that it's a new semester and it's only the first week. I just got to do it! Even if it may seems super tough to crack. Ouh, and also to keep this Sleek and Pump active for the time being?

Good luck to all those who are in their university life still. May this semester be a good semester to you!

eunice gm.

Sep 4, 2015

Day 3: Pantai Parangtritis - Bina Siwi Orphanage

Third day in Indonesia and something bad took place. The morning was a fun morning as we went to one of the beach which is called Pantai Parangtritis. It's sands are black in color and the waves are so huge and high that people are strongly recommended not to swim in those waves. Our intention was to visit a beach but Pak Andar (our driver) told us that that was the nearest beach fitting to our itinerary was that so there we are.

The sky is blue, the water is strong, you are with your friends cruising along the beach. What could go wrong eh? 

Falling off the ATV could go wrong! 

I fell off the ATV and boy - Once down, you forget how to get up for a moment. 

A pathetic moment which I will never forget 

Anyway, right after that fall, with the adrenaline still high up in my blood, I couldn't tell if I hurt myself but once the pain hits, man. Only God knows how I deal with it during our next event. 

A cool picture before the incident took place

The next event is also an event that almost brought tears to my eyes. Ninja was chopping onions around me and all that I can do is to keep the people that I met in prayer. We collaborate with  Suara Hati, a group of young and super awesome people who are doing work that makes me salute them. They are a team of students from different age group that came together to bring happiness into people lives. Their work is to visit orphanage during the weekend and some people may say that "Cheh, it's nothing." Nope man. That is something. They are doing something that will have a huge impact in the children that they touch. They are doing something that will bring back good memories not only for them but for whoever whose fate entwine with them.

Our intention was never to arrive early but we did eventually arrived early and I admit, it was a little awkward at first. The language, the expectations that we have for ourselves, it is kinda stressful I would say. I did not know what to expect from a culture so different from ours. In my head, I was expecting that the children would not want to talk to me at all for I speak weird Bahasa Indonesia or I might look weird to them but.. all that change when we start shaking hands with them. 

We talked about the food, the culture, the different type of music that we have, the movis that we have, and yesh- apparently, Upin Ipin is a huge hit in Indonesia. If you mentioned that you are from Malaysia, be prepared to know all about Upin Ipin. They are the Power Rangers of all time.  After some time communicating, I realized, heey, they are the same with our kids in Malaysia. All they want is to talk and laugh and have fun together! 

That settle it! It means that all I need to do is to talk - and talking is so much easier than dancing. *That would be my last resort in breaking the ice*

The principle of the orphanage 

We were greeted by the children playing music for us and if you were to come into that area, blindfolded, you would not have guess what are the background of the children are from. FYI, some of the children here are not as lucky as the others so try to imagine the need and different types of method of communicating to ensure that the music played by all are flowing in the same flow. It is amazing that this group of people can work together when trying to control 11 people for a trip can be kinda tough at times! *winkwink*

DIGSMA crew did prepared some activity and one of it is a colouring contest. It may be a simple contest but with this contest, we could see the persistence of each and everyone in the room. A boy name Bakti just puts me back in my place with his fighting spirit. Bakti is a boy who have trouble in hearing and eyesight but his colouring is magnificient!He manage to potray his colouring character true to itself! It is an awe to see them putting their best in an activity that may be a simple activity to us. 

Now, let me just tell you that this place is going to produce people with great talents in music! They are just so amazing with it and they even have a band right now. They may be covering for people right now but who knows in the future, Bina Siwi would be producing their own album eh? 


Coming out from this place, you may think that they are unlucky but let me tell you something. We are the unlucky ones cause we do not understand how happiness work. We do not understand the concept of persistence for we always tend to give up and go for the easy way. We do not understand the beauty of music or art as much as they do. They are the lucky one for although they do not have what we have, they have something that we do not have. So, what's stopping you from not giving up? What's  telling you to stop when these kids are not stopping? 

You know, there's another party that helped us  a lot. As mentioned before this, we collaborate with Suara Hati but I can assure you that 99% of the work was conducted by them. We could not have make this day a success without their crew who prepared the amazing food, the tentative, and even manage to help DIGSMA in giving something back to the little ones. Without them, we could not have done it and I just wanna express my billion of thanks and gratitude to those amazing people! 
Guys, keep doing what you guys are doing! The society need more people like you guys who are willing to go down into the field and experience first hand of everything. Thank you so much! 



Ouh ouh! #Indonesiancuisine coming up soon! 

Nasi soto

Forgot the name of these two dishes but it is tiptop! 

Although the day started off with a fall but I did had my fill of fun towards the end of the day. I gained new friends, new insight and new taste buds. 

Day 4 coming up soon! 

P/S: Don't go for the ATV unless you really want to try. 
P/S/S: 6th September would officially be the starting date of the new semester. 

eunice gm.