Apr 20, 2015

Life As A Third Year Student...

Life as a third year student in her second semester is... HELL.

H- Hideous
E- Exhausted 
L- Lack of sleep
L- Lack of time 

Well, Hello there~

I finally understand what does it meant when seniors told us that the semesters will get harder as time past and man, I am not sure if this is my consequences of joining too much activity or my lesson for the year. All I know is that I am suffering from sleep deprivation. There are days where I need to get 4 hours of sleep or even 2 hours of sleep and I felt that this is actually.. fun? LOL.

A friend once called me an masochist. I guess she knows me better than I know myself. I got myself into tons of activities which requires commitment and responsiblities. I am not complaining *I hope* for I do enjoy myself when I am doing my job but at the end of the day, is it all worth it? I keep asking myself if I am doing this for the sake of loving it and wanting to do it OR am I just doing it to keep up with the trend of getting oneself busy like a bee?

Semester 3 brings homework and by homework, I am not talking about the high school homework alright? Adik-adik, one day you will realize that what you had been through in high school is kacang only. The homework in University requires communication with strangers who can only be contact through phone. They will play with your telephone bills and give you sweet promises but failed to fulfilled them for you just because their company has some weird PnC's that you need to oblige to. You are required to past up papers withing a time limit, and although the time is long, but for a young adult who have social life and other entertaining stuff, it's just turn up to be... not enough time.

Besides, semester 3 means writing of the proposal of our final year project (FYP) and man, you got to get yourself a good supervisor but at times, you just hate yourself for finding yourself a good supervisor. It's not a bad thing but when there are tons of datelines and events to attend too, FYP tends to be a chore. Besides, it's not just simple english writing. No matter how good is your proficiency in english, when it comes to writing academic writing, man. What on earth is nerdy once again? Story telling is a no-no and hello~ nerdy writing. =_______=

Putting the "adventure" aside, time remaining with friends is getting little and with all these things breathing down my neck, I just wish to have more time with my friends. This semester, the times I went to kareoke is only once and boy, I wish the old days are back again where we can go out anytime we want. Although, we have cars now, the cars are only used for bringing us to makan places and to our classes. Hey, what happen to random going out nights? What happen to TGIF?

Juggling time is really important in this semester but if I want everything to be perfect, I don't think I can do that. There's just too many things to get it done and there's also sleep to think about. Going on a red bull is a good solution but it can never be the best solution. It's calories for goodness sake!

Errk. I think I ranted a little too far tonight. What a great way to post something on Sleek and Pump. Forgive me if this is boring. Don't worry. There are the good stuff too about Semester 3. There's the car so things are much easier now. There's the juniors who are kinda imitated by us. There's the events that make it much fun cause we are the participants now instead of the organizer. AND many other things la that would be fun to share...just that, I think my FYP is calling out to me again..ouh, and my bed too. Hmm.

Ah well, the bed wins. I am too tired to think about anything by the way. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

Ouh, let me take this opportunity to talk about #DIGSMA la. We created our own logo and we intend to sell it online. As this is something new, we decided to start small and only came up with one logo.

The logo which represents Seize The Day means, appreciating, use up the day with excitement, and just do it! That is our interpretation la of the sentence. 

If interested, do let me know! We send it to any states in Malaysia, which includes Sabah and Sarawak okay? 


Type of cloth: Raglan Type so it's the cotton- cottony type.
Size available: S - 2XL
Types of length (sleeve) : Three quarter sleeve or Long sleeve
Price: RM35 each (exclude postage). BUT there's free postage fees for 3 piece and above.

With that, I'm signing off. I think I'm gonna turn in now. Don't sleep too late peeps! 

eunice gm.