Sep 4, 2015

Day 1: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Hello people! Happy September and it's been how many months since I last log in here eh? Life had been crazy but still under control that I lost all the intention to keep in touch with the writing world, but, I did stay on Instagram and twitter during the summer holidays.

Anyway, I just got back from a seven days trip with buddies from university. It is a program under UTM where each student are entitled to RM500-RM1000 if they are ready to sacrifice their time and energy to visit a country under the name of Global Outreach Program. You guess it, we did it! I am so proud of my team that I couldn't spell out the gratitude that I have for them. They are the best team and I would never ask for another team if I am given the chance to do this over again.

Let me start my travelogue shall we?

Day 1 in Yogyakarta (pronounced it as jog-ja) was exciting. Our flight was late but we arrived safe and sound around one something in the afternoon. We then headed to the hotel before we rush out for a lunch and of course when you are in Indonesia, you got to eat Indonesian cuisine eh?

Nasi gudeg peha and krecek
After lunch, we went to a Batik shop where you can find batik clothing as cheap as 50000rp. It differs with the quality and price but everything is cheap in Indonesia compared to Malaysia. We then headed to a place where it's call Pohon Beringin. There is a myth that if you were to past through the two trees with your eyes blindfolded, it means that the wish that you have in your heart will come true or you are someone who has a pure heart and guess who manage to past through it? *ehem*

Yup. I did it but after the second try laa. My thoughts when I was gonna start walking was "I can do it. I can do it. I can do it." and there was also a wish laa but I don't have the intentions to let it be known. Who knows it won't happen if I tell it kan? ><

Since the day ended pretty early in Indonesia, we went back to the hotel around 8pm which is 9pm in Malaysia and the day just ended like that laa. Ouh, did I mentioned that our hotel has a pool? What more can you ask for? Pool party laa!

Comin soon Day 2 ah! 

eunice gm.


  1. bestnya digsma... gud lak final year!!

    1. Same to you! :D
      Good luck in upcoming semester~

  2. done follow u, follow me back k ;)


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