Sep 4, 2015

Day 2: Mount Merapi - Chandi Borobudur

Day two begins off with lotsa luck. I can say that our whole #DIGSMA trip was under the Lord's eyes cause everything just went extremely well for us. Although it wasn't easy when we first started out in Malaysia but in Indonesia, we did have fun. Things was easy for us and we save tons of money. The trip was expected to reach more than 1juta rp but at the end of the day, if you minimize shopping, 1juta rp is more than enough for you to spend.

Anway, Pak Andar, our driver told us that if we are lucky, we will be able to see Mount Merapi and yesh we were lucky cause we were able to see the mountain top with it's mouth breathing fire, waiting for the right time to erupt. Our first destination for the day was Mount Merapi and with a tour guide plus a four wheel drive for 4 person, we headed up to the mountain that destroy people lives but supply them with food.

A little history about this emotional place, it erupts almost every year but once every four years, she will erupt with so much lavae coming out from her that she could kill anyone who come in between her and her duty. The last eruption took place in the year 2010 and we could see the ruins and the development of the location in five years time. You can see people going on with their lives as if nothing had happen and they are living off the ruins of the place.

Le team and we called ourselves the song team for we kept singing songs when we are on the jeep. Teguh (our tour guide) must had find us irritating. 



This was the first location that our jeep stopped. It is a house left behind by the people who had run for their lives and it had turned into a museum. You can find sofas left behind, kitchen utensils and other everyday things that were left behind in a hurry. You can also see the remaining of a cow hanging on the wall. RIP cow.  




Flowers that can last for 8-10 years without water.  It is said that in the old days, if a guy wants to prove his love to a girl that he loves, he got to climb out Mount Merapi to get this flowers. If he is successful in getting these flowers, it shows that his heart is truly in love with the girl. 

P/S: If you guys visit this place, please don't buy at the bottom area. Head up and you can find more at a cheaper price. Trust me. Speaking from a friend experience.

Our second location was to see a stone that looks like a human face. The stone is special in its own way as it had rolled down together with the lavae and had remain in its place till today. I did not take any picture of that stone cause it looks kinda normal to me but I love the shots taken at this location. It is a good place to get a clean shot of Mount Merapi at the back.  

The final location that we visited was a bunker. This bunker was build to save people but maybe because of the lack of maintanence, this bunker could only act as a tourist attraction. In the year 2006,when Mount Merapi erupted, two men lost their life in here. The volcano wasn't going to erupt yet but it was only giving out hot air and ashes. However, one of the man died at its doorstep for he close the door a little too late and another passed away in the toilet, thinking that the toilet could have been a safe spot for him. Little did he know that the water was at a boiling temperature.  

The trip to Mount Merapi was an emotional ride I would say. Happy and sad all at the same time. A volcano who takes people lives away but gives them back in a way that people needs to depend on it to survive. Most of the people there depends on lifestocks and rice paddy so with the fertility of the soil, it is a great location for the farmers, which also explains why so many people did not want to leave the land. 

Our next location was to Candi Borobudur, where it is a Buddha temple build in a mysterious way. When you go in, you would have agreed with me for this temple is so huge that it took almost 2 hours for us to finish 2 and a half circle of it before getting to the top. While I was here, all that runs in my head was, how did they manage to do it? Where did they get the technology to move all those huge stones and crave it into those beautiful stories? Who is the master mind of the architecture? Who decided to build it and why? It is a wonder to be able to see a place so majestic like this. 

The scary thing about it is that before getting out from the van, you will have people rushing up to you demanding that you buy keychains, umbrella, sunglasses, and any other things from them and you have to be polite in saying no. Even if you did ignore them, (which I can't), they will still pester you into buying something from them. The best thing to do is to smile and say no thank you- in their language. 

P/S: If you are a student and you have a student card to prove it, do bring it along. It save us tons of money since we are not local. 

Warning: The pictures below may look like models but it's just me trying to be a model

Continue at your own risk. :)

Trying our best to pose a yoga pose but failed miserably.  

That night for dinner, we decided to try out the "mamak" stalls in Yogyakarta and boy oh boy. The confidence to eat will got from up to down real quick once you see their food but fret not, people. Be confident and pray before you eat. With God, everything will be okay. You just got to trust in Him and put your life in His hands. =D

This are all must try Indonesian cuisine aye?

Kopi Jos- a coffee that has charcoal in it. It benefits the body and it will keep your coffee warm till the very last drop. 

Nasi kuching tempe. Please do try this for you can't find it in Malaysia. Take each of every stick that you find there and just ignore what you are eating. Don't ask too much questions (but make sure that is halal la) and make sure you have a friend that you can share with. In case if it really can't go with your taste buds. 

Day 2 ended in a tired way that all of us were dropping halfway down to our knees at the end of the day.

eunice gm.

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