Sep 10, 2015

Day 4: Kereton - Taman Sari - University Gadjah Mada - FKY - Tugu Yogya

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Hello hello~ Day 4 was the day that I love all the pictures that I took. Maybe it was the day that started off quite well and my leg heal much better or maybe it's just the clothes that I wore but anyway, I can foresee that this post would be a long post on pictures. 

The first location that we went was to Kereton, also known as the King's Palace till today. We had a tour guide with us for this as we sort of learn our lesson at Borobudur temple but, it was also a wrong decision as our tour guide was too fast for us. Imagine leading 11 people and each of them got their own heads in walking the road so when a guy is trying to lead us and he is walking too fast, the information that he tried to impart to us was kinda useless cause only a certain group of people manage to hear what he said. 

Anyway, the Kereton acts as a Palace and a museum where tourists can see the family line, the traditional things of the royal family and how was their lifestyle in the old days. Most of the images on the wall is kinda old but it is a museum right? Of course things are going to be old in there. 

The team


With the retire royal guides. Please don't question the look. 

And the model eu is out. Ahah! 


#selfie with the current king in his young age


The tour ended with a wayang kulit show and I will admit it is a little boring for me. Maybe it's because there's no introduction to the story or maybe it's too early but if given another chance, I would wanna catch a wayang kulit show.

The next location that we went was Taman Sari where it is well known for the King to visit this place to choose the "lucky one" where His mistress and wives would bath in the swimming pool located here. It is kinda run down and you can see people houses in this place. I can say it is one hella messy place to go to but looking at the beauty, you won't say no. 

The entrance to the swimming pool.


The wolf pack. 

There's this place inside where if you continue walking you will find a place call Kampung Internet. At this place itself, you can see many shops selling batik and local brand. Bought a shirt from a place call the Voice of Jogja and I just love their products!  There is also a underground mosque where in the old days only the Ulama is allowed in there to lead the prayers together with the royal family. 

Our next stop for the day was a formal/academic event where in every GOP program, we need to visit a university in that area to understand and see if there are any differences in between the two universities. Anyway, UGM had been a great help to us all. They were busy with their classes and yet they still manage to give us some of their time. UGM may be smaller than our university here but man, you still need a bicycle to take you around! AND guess what, the bicycle is register by using their card yea. You can even use the student card for buying food too okay. Damn cool. ><

DIGSMA crew with the crew from UGM. Thanks guys for welcoming us! 

This was during a sharing of culture between Indonesia and Malaysia. Don't they look lovely? 

With the international officer from UGM. 

Right after that event, we went off for something less formal which is a festival. It is an arts festival and we were lucky that they were having it there when we were in Indonesia. Bukan selalu taw! Our time was short here so we went back the next day for some fun and we did had our share of fun. There's great food, a good time for bonding, and there's just so many shops that sell incredible stuff! A friend bought from a designer who designs her own clothing and you can check it out here. I don't know if she send out international shipping though.


That night itself, the four of us head out for the night with the intentions to see what is the nightlife around Jogya and I won't say that I was disappointed for the crowd there always involves themselves with food and drinks - unlike Jb-ians who always have some good spots to hang out for the night. We did make our self go to the tugu though. It is a famous must-go place to take picture when you are in Jogya and I am glad that we manage to be there.

Presents to you the Tugu from Jogya!

The midnight crew. 

Overall Day 4 was a fun day. In one day itself it was filled with activities from morning till night and I can say that it is a successful day?  Btw, Jogya do have nightlife but.. you got to dig a little deeper. We got limited cash and limited time so we did not manage to dig all up but if given the chance to do that again, why not?

eunice gm.

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