Sep 11, 2015

Day 5: Guo Pindul - Bukit Bintang

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Day 4 was a busy day but when Day 5 finally came, I think it was the day where things just go as smoothly as it can be. The morning was filled with shopping activities at a Tshirt printing factory. I am not sure what is the name of that place but the clothes in there can be consider for buying. The quality is good and the design are typical Indonesian design.

The method of doing the design for the shirts looks super easy but maybe it's because the team are so use to doing what they are doing though.  

Right after lunch, which we had at a super atas location for it looks like a house and act as a house but they do sell batik and good food. It may be pricey if you compared it in Indonesia but if you were to convert it back to malaysia, I would say that the food would be around RM9-RM15. 

I forgot what is the name of this dish but it looks like some sort of a salad.

This is a pilu fish. You eat this with rice and it taste heaaaveeen~ 

With our stomach full with good food, we head off to the main activity of the day which is to conquearu my fear of caves. I don't know if I ever discussed about this but I have a slight claustrophobia. I hate tight spaces. I can still go in but I just hate the anxiety that I feel. Anyway, when this acivity was inserted into our tentative, I dread the coming of this day. I kept forcing myself to watch videos on cave and force myself to imagine myself in that place. It is scary but I am glad that I did it.

The moment I saw the cave opening, my heart felt. I was trying to be strong but the tears just came down like rainfall. I wasn't crying like boo-hoo kinda cry but it was more of a silent cry. Thank God there were friends who held on to me and kept giving me inspiring speech *eh gitu* 

We did went into the Pindul Cave and the beauty is mesmerizing. There's bats, crystallize stones and myth that everyone should try, like if guys touch a certain stone, he would be stronger and if girls were to felt the drop of a water from a upside down Borobudur stone structure, they will be much prettier. I don't know how true is all that but myths are always fun don't you think? 



The mouth of the cave

 The crystallize stone


The upside down Borobudur. Psst. Only ladies are allowed to feel this okay. ><


This was almost the end of the cave. At this point, all I know is that "I can see light!!"


I've done it! When we reach this point, there was light pouring in so there wasn't any fear in me as long as I am in a safe spot. I sort of found my comfort zone. Besides, we are in the water and there are stones to jump off, so that is MY thing people! >< 

The end of Pindul Cave. It was a short journey but it is a memorable memory. Psst, don't we look like cows ready to be sold away? 

The trip ended well. And tired. 

That night we went to a place call Bukit Bintang where you can see the whole town of Yogya. It is a place where you can see how small we are - and although we realize that when we saw Borobudur Temple, Mount Merapi and Pindul Cave but when you came to this spot, you could really say, "Wow". Besides, at this point, I was a little emotional. The trip is coming to an end and DIGSMA crew is going to be on their own once again once this trip is over. This team had proven to everyone that we could plan a GOP in six months time no matter what people said. Although, we did had out ups and downs laa and most of it is downs but I am glad that we are done and over with this program.

By the way, the restaurant that we went, Bukit Indah is the name I think, doesn't really sells good food. Maybe if you have the time, you can visit other restaurants instead?

eunice gm.

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