Sep 8, 2015

New Semester

The new semester had begin for most university students and welcome to all freshman! Enjoy your university life cause it's going to go poof in a blink of an eye. It may seems scary and all with the amount of classes and lecturers or maybe seniors who are rushing to meet up with you, but chillax. It's going to be okay.

Anyway, since this is my last semester in university, there are only four subjects that require the attention and since most lectures love to combine the time, I ended up with lotsa blank space in between the schedule. It may seems to be a good idea but I am so scared that I may not use it wisely as I should be using it. There's final year project, there's community stuff to attend to, and there's just so many little things that needed immediate attention- and obviously, I am not doing it.

Time management is one killer thing that will destroy you if you are not being friends with it. ><

So, the motive of this blog post is to remind myself that it's a new semester and it's only the first week. I just got to do it! Even if it may seems super tough to crack. Ouh, and also to keep this Sleek and Pump active for the time being?

Good luck to all those who are in their university life still. May this semester be a good semester to you!

eunice gm.


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