Oct 31, 2015

Goodbye October

Hello peeps! This month (October) is a month that brought me through crazy events where I don't even know where I am heading to. It's the month that requires me to rethink the reason on why am I here, what am I doing, and how I can continue to bring goodness to this world. It's also the month which taught me to let things go and learn to accept that people do leave us at times. It's the month which brings down more tears than I could hold up in this year, the year of 2015.

26th October 2015, the day where I am supposed to graduate with my previous batch but because of God's crazy idea which till today I can never understand the reason why things happen, I found that my grandpa has returned back to the Lord. He left this humble earth to a better place at 4am and it had been hectic since then. I am still coping with the fact that he's gone and though it's hard, I am thankful that I have friends and classes to continue to keep me busy. He's gone at the age of 80 (according to Chinese calendar) and I am glad that he had eventually lived till this age where he could enjoy the pamper of his children.

The month October is also the month where I realized that, little human me wants to share something with the world. Today, we were in a course where we were asked to visualized our future in five years time and the thing about this exercise is that we should use present tense, which also means that the things that we want are already in our procession. So, let me try this out.

It had been a few years since I left university life and I am now in my 30's. For the past five years after coming out to society, I had been busy gaining experiences and giving back to the society and at the same time trying to keep money to carry out my plan. By the age of 30, I had traveled to 193 countries in two years time with the companion of a supportive boyfriend who understands my ambition and goals and he shares the same ideal ambition as me. In the time of traveling, I had gained much experience in meeting people, tasting the different culture, looking at the different places in this world, and meeting a group of people who share the same values as me. 

What value would that be, you wondered? Well, I want to help girls or women who comes from abusive families. I want to aim at young girls who been through any kind of abuse, especially little ones who needs a safe haven to be safe from all their attackers. I would have a house on a private land by the beach where it will be call "Home". A short and simple name to remind people that home is a place to be safe and secure. Every weekend, we would have BBQ party by the beach, filled with music, laughter and singing. There will never be racists, religious talk or any stereotype for all Home focus on is the safety of the residents. At the same time, these ladies who comes here will be able to be anonymous as they learn the things that they are interested in, such as art, music, or even writing. By the time they are ready to head out to the world, they will have a new identity that will aid them in their future.

Hah. All these sound so impossible huh but nothing is impossible, that I believed and since God had place this plan in my heart, I know for sure that He will have plans that will eventually work one day.

Month of October. Thank you for all that you had taught me in this month. I appreciated it a lot and I know I will continue to be strong though it is a tough month.

In loving memory of Grandpapa. (1936-2015). 

eunice gm.