Nov 12, 2015

(Remaining) Life of a University Student

Once again, these fingers of mine longed for the touch of keyboards running it's pace, giving out little clicks that make the brain tingle with excitment to produce something on the screen. It's been a fast November I would say, and things are getting a little heat up with christmas lights and christmas songs in shopping malls. These seasons are fast! One day after Diwali and things are looking red and green in windows of malls. I even begin to recieved christmas gift card and promotions for the month of holiday a.k.a month of spending money.

It's the middle of the month, and it also marks one more month to go before my life in University will end it's course. Finally, I would be out there! I would be wearing office attire and driving to work with a cup of Starbucks in hand, smacking my lips in hope to meet a cute client in the day. *Okay. Cmon Eu, you got to snap out of this dream*

Before that dream of mine can be achieved, I need to look for a job, and frankly speaking, I don't think it's as easy as I seen my friends did it. My buddies who had been successful in looking for jobs had gotten enough offers to swing it all in my face but what I gotten so far? 2 phone interviews, and that's it. I mean, shouldn't company come running cause of cheap labor going on here? *jk*

Put the joke aside, it is a frustrating moment when companies do not reply and since I am longing for a place far from home, I don't even understand if I am doing the right thing. Am I thinking right by applying for jobs far away from home? Am I doing the right thing by not applying for the companies that seems fit to my requirement just because I dislike the culture? Am I saying the right words or doing the right thing? Urgh. I wish there's someone who can guide me all in this but as they say, you are all alone in this world, babey. *insert wink*

Although that's the usual rant, there's also the fun that I feel that I am missing out. #FOMO (Feeling of missing out). On one hand, I need to focus on my thesis and on the other hand, I just want to have fun all day long! I just want to hang out, chat, laugh at things, which... I will not be able to do soon in one month time. I will be missing this group of people I would say and I don't know if it would be a healthy thing or not when the time comes. Ah well, life goes on!

No matter what happens, I know I'm gonna be okay. It's all fun and interesting and I know good things will eventually come out of it so, let the rain or sunshine come!

Take me back. No, take me forward to a better future! 

P/S: How's your intern like? Did you ever did any intern? 

eunice gm.