Nov 23, 2016

Where did 2016 went?

Heloo awesome people of the earth! Gosh, time has once again taken over us, human race and ruined us all. We are getting older and things are changing like nobody's business. Tons of things has change around here in the blogging world and tons of things are going to change in the future - which makes me sad and happy all at the same time.

Anyway, how has the year 2016 has been treating you? Was it good? Has good things happen? Did life tried to bring you down? Well, year 2016 has been a year of blessing and a year of learning. I went through tons of things that brought me up AND brought me down. C'mon, who am I going to lie when life is full of up's and down's?

The Down's

I lost some friends this year. Both to accidents which took their lives and tragiclly, I can never say bye or hello to them ever again. It's just the memories of us all now. I lost a few close friends too, which I thought they would continue to be my bestie - but no. Things change when distance took over. Things change when we see the world differently. Things change when bad stuff tested the friendship.

I got into some medical issues which are all new to me but old to others. I don't feel comfortable discussing about that but maybe - one day - who knows?

Tons of people came into my life this year and - they left too. Interns, employees, mentors, inspiring people, many who actually played a part in building up my 2016 came through the door and left for personal reasons. I met different kind of people, listen to new stories, learned new things, and - say goodbye too.

I felt into the society trap - where all cool things are good but no my friend. Not all cool things are good for your body, soul and mind. Apparently, I lost a good sense of some stuff regarding myself. However, losing it does not mean that it has been lost forever. It's just - complicated.

The Up's

Ouh - this is a tough one. It's always the unhappy stuff that people remember, don't it?

I gained tons of different people in my life. I got a job - which can support myself and help out a little with the family. I graduated. I travelled a bit - and going to travel again. I see the world with the same pair of eyes but with different view now. I found myself life goals which is going to stick around. I found love - and lose it again (Which is actually a good thing). I volunterred.


I think that's it. Maybe I left a few good/bad stuff out but things are good. I am happy 80% of my time in 2016. Please don't bring back memories from year 2012. Overall, I am happy.

And that is the most important thing right?

Be happy and shine on, Unicorn!

There - I belanja one personal photo. Tattoo inspiration people?

Eunice GM

Apr 1, 2016

One and Only

Hola peeps.

There was a dinner with my colleagues just now and after dinner we had a small session where we start singing songs randomly in our head. Then, a colleague sung a song which just touched my heart.

To those who had been following Sleek and Pump for some time, I am sure you guys know that I had enter the age where people my age group are starting to start their family and I am one of those who got caught up with studies so I am a little slow on this stage of life. I don't really mind actually but at some point when someone is getting married or you heard a song on the radio, your brain just tend to wander on its own. High five if you faced the same thing too.

Anyway, this song touched my heart so much laa cause of its lyrics. It's lyrics is just so beautiful and c'mon who am I kidding right? This is Adele- the woman who can make big guys shed their tears.

The song just remind me once again that I don't have to bring myself down just so a guy would say that I am the right girl for him. Besides, given my attitude and character, I would say that I am one stubborn girl who likes to be independent *unless I am lazy* and someone who would bring up a wall so that no one can step through it. However, if guys come across these type of girls, and he is not strong enough, I tell you- he will go running looking for someone else who is easier to get.

I am not saying this to scared anyone but I am in that situation. It's hard for me to open up my feelings and it needs so much on the other party to help me to open up to him. He needs to be daring, he needs to be patience, he needs to be challenging. This might scared some of the guys away but wait boys- once the girls see you trying your best, and once our heart is yours, I can say that no other guys will ever take your place. That position is not simple taken by anyone. It needs hard work and the hard work does not come from words alone. It needs action buddy.

You might say that girls like this are stuck up or AKA- A bitch.

It's okaay. I rather have my heart lock up somewhere safe and sound and wait for someone daring to challenge me to take it out rather than just giving it randomly to anyone who is willingly to take it. I don't mind the wait. Although, it may take some time but it's okaay. We will be fine girls. I will be fine. You will be fine.

Like one of the phrase says,

"I know it ain't easy, giving up your heart. Nobody is perfect. Trust me I learned it."

I think these words are meant for the girls who got their heart locked up. =D

So, to the guys out there- sometimes girls are not a bitch. They just act like one to make sure that jerks don't come knocking on the door begging for their heart. However, sometimes those girls don't know how to differentiate those jerks and those prince so we ended up giving all the same treatment. Therefore, please be a prince to all girls out there and to all girls, please be nice at times. It's only fair that both parties can be transparent (or maybe mild transparent) to each other to make it work.

Lol. This advice hits me straight in my face. I don't know how I am going to know if a guy is true to his heart or not but I do know I am willing to try if he seems to be willing to try too.

So, to girls out there- and to myself. It's okay. Keep working at what you are working at now and focus on it. The prince will one day come by and be ready to fight your dragon to prove to you that he is willing to put on a fight for that heart of yours.

And, here I go again, sounding dramatic. I should stop now and put myself to sleep.


Stay awesome people and enjoy the song. 

eunice gm.

Mar 15, 2016

The Day I Show My Cleavage

Hello ladies and gents (if there are any),

Le writer is on writer block for the past few months and being caught up with the working life just took everything apart. From reading to blogging to listening to music to going to cafe all cease to stop the moment I fell into a routine. However, the past weekend, I went home to JB and I found an interesting topic to talk about.

I bought a shirt from Cotton On for the price of RM5 and it can be say is perfect for a hot day or a casual day where you just don't want to dress up but want to have a little air around your body. I wore this to JB and low and behold, a friend ditch me for wearing something like that. Given the character that I had, of course I still went with that shirt (the next day though when there was no one to stop me- less drama happy people).

My adventure shirt. =D

And... this is what happen.

The first stop was City Square. I was walking around trying to get my candy to open up (hey did you know finding ricola nowadays is so hard to find?) and when I was passing by McD, a older man said "Miss" but in mandarin. I thought it was someone whom I knew of who was teasing me but nope. He was just an old pervert guy. I then walked away without giving him the hue. Few minutes into waiting for my friend to come by, that same guy came up behind me and said hi once again. This time he was looking directly at my.. yup, cleavage.

This is the part where girls will go, "Ouh, you shouldn't have wore what you wore. You should have just wear better cover up" and maybe some will even go "Serve you right".  This was not the part where we ladies need to do this but yeah, the suckers generation still are out there people.

Next stop was the bus station at Larkin, and to those who know Larking,thank God but to those who don't have a freaking idea on this, let me tell you. It's like the old bus station before TBS was build. Yup, a bus station which has runner running around asking you if you would like to buy a ticket to somewhere and when you bought from them, you will tend to face some troubles from the bus company itself. Anyhow, long story short, Larkin is a place where if drugs exchange were to take place before you, I would not go surprise cause the place itself is in a huge mess! People shouting,running at times, people who rush here and there without proper instructions to wait. Worse of all, you might not be able to see one police man around which MIGHT give you a little security.

So, my second encounter was at the kopitiam. I wanted to charge my battery and right when I went in, the waiter came towards me looking directly at ... yup, you guessed it. My face is down not up where it should be on that day. After giving me my order, he came by and threw some pick up lines. I tried the dumb trick whereby I do not understood what he was saying but obviously I did a mistake of speaking in the national language right after I sat down and asked if I could charge the phone. He started to ask questions about boyfriend, if I have any other friends who look like me, if I have a phone number to give him. He was being really brave I would say but dude- that is so wrong to come up to a lady. *ehem*

I just want some electric laaa! Not some random guys throwing pick up lines at me!

The next encounter was at the bus where the bus driver teared off my number but he intentionally kept voicing out loud that my number was not on the bus. I was debating with myself if I should step up and tell him but since he is the one counting the chairs, I thought he should know right? Boy oh boy, was I wrong. I went to him and told him that the number that he had shouted all this long while forcing everyone to wait an extra 5 minutes is actually mine. He looked at me with those weird eyes and goes loudly, "Why didn't you say so earlier?" Whoah. Seriously? Dude, I just gave you my paper for you to tear and you even take a double look at it wad. =________=

One thing that I didn't like it was when he was talking, he wanted to hit my ass. Like WTF? What happen to old man who will respect girls? Just because some cleavage was pouring out, respect runs out of the window? I told this all to my friend and decided "Heey, at least I have something to blog about."

Anyhow, the conclusion will come whereby men should respect girls and vice verse. I am not saying that it's not okay to flirt. Flirt all you want if you can but c'mon, when you wanna flirt, please don't go looking at his muscles or his butt or her's cleavage or her's ass. Like c'mon. What happen to the proper flirting? What happen to smart talk that makes the other party interested? It seems in today's generation where everything is fast, people just go straight to the point and threw out all of the patience to an interesting phrase. It's like they just skip the whole process and go straight for what they want.

Ah well. Khalas. Next time I won't wear that shirt ever again. Hah!

You wish!

I will continue to wear but...I will see also laa the place where I am going. If I were to wear it in a place where people will be respect then yeah why not? Besides, I am dressing up for myself arent' I?

eunice gm.

Jan 2, 2016

Review of 2015

Since the year of 2016 is on its way, let's do something to celebrate the awesome year of 2015 shall we? It's been a great year and there had been tons of blessings and new opportunities. Although there had been some down's but the up's are always there somehow. Instead of looking at the negative things alone, why not look back on the good memories that make life more fun?

January 2015

On the1st of January 2015, I crushed this car into something like this *point above* and I got my humble BMW *read kancil* in this month itself. The girls and I went off for our little graduation trip, from Tangkak- Langkawi- Penang- Kuala Lumpur for 6 days. It was a month I felt glad that I finally got more responsibility but it was also the month that I felt so emotional cause these awesome people are leaving and entering a new phrase in life.

February 2015

The was the month that I decided to ditch my Rapunzel hair and go for something drastic. People were coming up to me asking why did I chooses to did what I had done but ah well- "A lady who decided to cut hers hair is going to change her life" *ehem* A quote taken from somewhere.  Anyway, I did not change anything in my life. I just wanted to look different I guess and was getting bored of the long hair that I kept for almost 5 years. So how? What do you think? Should I get a new style or remain short or just stick to being long?

March 2015

Cant think of anything during the month of March. It seems that I went missing from social media and got myself into a cave or something but I do know that it was the month I returned to university and we were busy with our proposal. It was a boring month filled with work and little dates with buddies. No matter what, I guess it was a good month filled with friends to accompany me.

April 2015

The month of April brought some hectic as we were busy with our technobiz subject and oh boy- we learned and gained tons of experience. We saw another world that we aren't use to and it was a fun experience. We visited KLCC for MIHAS, a Halal fair where all halal items from all over the world are brought together in this fair. We were also given a chance to show our startup *which did not work out in the end*, BFF which stands for Book Fresh Food to potential investors in the industry. We had a super fun time trying out a different industry and plus point, our lecturer for this subject is an eye candy. *winkwink*
 May 2015
 We got ourselves busy with our little robot in the month of May. Her's name was CEES and we had fun building her up. Although we did not win anything but it's the experience that counts right? In this month, nothing fun happen but we were thrown assignments and final year project proposal. It was a tough month but ah well- that's the life of a third year student aye?

We did went on a spontaneous trip one of the day in May. We took off for roller blades and I got myself hurt in the process but that did not stop me from driving all the way in my humble BMW all the way to Desaru. It was a fun trip with sand, sea and the clouds looking down on us on that day. 

I do remembered that the month of May was a stressful month for each of us cause there were just so many things that need to be done. Thank God on the day this post is posted, the hard work can be say is paid off in a good way. 

June 2015

In the month of June, friends were leaving for their real life and the holidays were close. We started to get busy with DIGSMA preparation and BFF pitching. It was a busy month and things were so close to each other but we did well. Good job guys! 

July 2015

In the month of July, the holidays started and it also mark the date where I need to start working. Looking back on my social media, there aren't anything fun that took place but I did visit a few spots in Johor Bahru to prove that JB is not that boring as it seems, aye? The wooden block is taken at one of the Chinese culture museum. I did not get the chance to see everything but I think it has some cute stuff in it. The next picture would be Tasik Biru in Pasir Gudang, close to home. It was on a private property and it seems to be a no-entry spot but heey, rebel kids on the driveway people!

August 2015

This would be my favorite month of 2015. All the hard work paid off when we step our foot on the land of culture and good food. Indonesia- Jogjakarta *you can read more on this adventure of mine here* I got myself some real good friends who are fun travel mates. They made me laugh, cried, and angry for all the little things they had done and it was an unforgettable trip for me I would say. 

September 2015

September- the month that has a special meaning in my life. I was thankful that God stood by me each time the month of September comes knocking on my door cause there is always something for me to do in this month. Though there was nothing huge that impact my life but it was a good month I would say. The new and final semester in University started in this month and we were sort of pumped up for the month. Gatherings with juniors, a short trip to Kluang, MAGIC came and show us something new on social enterprise, and most important thing- Happy Birthday~ =)

October 2015 

October bought tears to my eye cause I saw and hear something which till today I don't know what I should do if I were put back into that life again. Not only that, I lost grandpapa in this month and it's just... tough I would say. However, there were some fun times in this month cause I went to Singapore for my first time as a fully adult and I enjoyed myself. 

November 2015

This month started to make us go crazy. Looking back at my small diary, this month is the busiest of all month cause there were just so many crazy things going on! We started looking for a place to do our internship, Talitha and I song lead for one of the event downstairs in the main hall, met up with SKTC friends (oh boy!), and how can I ever forget ICMF. It was the grandest event ever in as we conducted a zombie run. We had so much fun! The people that I met in there, the bonds that I had build, I don't think I would wanna say no to that again. Then, there's ICMF main event which brought so much troubles AND fun at the same time. I gained a good lot of experience and if you were to ask me to do that all over again, I would say Bring it On! 

December 2015
I would call this the emotional month cause there were days I am super productive and would kill everyone who gets in my way and there are some days where I am super lazy that anyone can just come in and kill me and get away with it. It was #eunicemonth and I had tons of fun making it happen. Thank you so much to the people who had contributed to those pictures and memories that I  might not be able to remember in the future but I would sure keep it in this heart of mine. This is the month where I got myself ink and I would gladly say that it won't be the last time for that to take place. =)

Last group picture of 4SHAR batch 2012/2013! 

Our mini #roadtograduation night out

An unsuspected birthday surprise plus lotsa other surprises from family and friends.


Now, 2015 is over and done with. 2016 is here now and although 2015 has been a blessed year, I believed 2016 will continue to be a year of blessing eventhough we might face some issues from the oil and gas company, the state of the country, all is well, people.  

Cheers to a better year peeps and wish you a very happy new year 2016! Make this year count! 

eunice gm.