Mar 15, 2016

The Day I Show My Cleavage

Hello ladies and gents (if there are any),

Le writer is on writer block for the past few months and being caught up with the working life just took everything apart. From reading to blogging to listening to music to going to cafe all cease to stop the moment I fell into a routine. However, the past weekend, I went home to JB and I found an interesting topic to talk about.

I bought a shirt from Cotton On for the price of RM5 and it can be say is perfect for a hot day or a casual day where you just don't want to dress up but want to have a little air around your body. I wore this to JB and low and behold, a friend ditch me for wearing something like that. Given the character that I had, of course I still went with that shirt (the next day though when there was no one to stop me- less drama happy people).

My adventure shirt. =D

And... this is what happen.

The first stop was City Square. I was walking around trying to get my candy to open up (hey did you know finding ricola nowadays is so hard to find?) and when I was passing by McD, a older man said "Miss" but in mandarin. I thought it was someone whom I knew of who was teasing me but nope. He was just an old pervert guy. I then walked away without giving him the hue. Few minutes into waiting for my friend to come by, that same guy came up behind me and said hi once again. This time he was looking directly at my.. yup, cleavage.

This is the part where girls will go, "Ouh, you shouldn't have wore what you wore. You should have just wear better cover up" and maybe some will even go "Serve you right".  This was not the part where we ladies need to do this but yeah, the suckers generation still are out there people.

Next stop was the bus station at Larkin, and to those who know Larking,thank God but to those who don't have a freaking idea on this, let me tell you. It's like the old bus station before TBS was build. Yup, a bus station which has runner running around asking you if you would like to buy a ticket to somewhere and when you bought from them, you will tend to face some troubles from the bus company itself. Anyhow, long story short, Larkin is a place where if drugs exchange were to take place before you, I would not go surprise cause the place itself is in a huge mess! People shouting,running at times, people who rush here and there without proper instructions to wait. Worse of all, you might not be able to see one police man around which MIGHT give you a little security.

So, my second encounter was at the kopitiam. I wanted to charge my battery and right when I went in, the waiter came towards me looking directly at ... yup, you guessed it. My face is down not up where it should be on that day. After giving me my order, he came by and threw some pick up lines. I tried the dumb trick whereby I do not understood what he was saying but obviously I did a mistake of speaking in the national language right after I sat down and asked if I could charge the phone. He started to ask questions about boyfriend, if I have any other friends who look like me, if I have a phone number to give him. He was being really brave I would say but dude- that is so wrong to come up to a lady. *ehem*

I just want some electric laaa! Not some random guys throwing pick up lines at me!

The next encounter was at the bus where the bus driver teared off my number but he intentionally kept voicing out loud that my number was not on the bus. I was debating with myself if I should step up and tell him but since he is the one counting the chairs, I thought he should know right? Boy oh boy, was I wrong. I went to him and told him that the number that he had shouted all this long while forcing everyone to wait an extra 5 minutes is actually mine. He looked at me with those weird eyes and goes loudly, "Why didn't you say so earlier?" Whoah. Seriously? Dude, I just gave you my paper for you to tear and you even take a double look at it wad. =________=

One thing that I didn't like it was when he was talking, he wanted to hit my ass. Like WTF? What happen to old man who will respect girls? Just because some cleavage was pouring out, respect runs out of the window? I told this all to my friend and decided "Heey, at least I have something to blog about."

Anyhow, the conclusion will come whereby men should respect girls and vice verse. I am not saying that it's not okay to flirt. Flirt all you want if you can but c'mon, when you wanna flirt, please don't go looking at his muscles or his butt or her's cleavage or her's ass. Like c'mon. What happen to the proper flirting? What happen to smart talk that makes the other party interested? It seems in today's generation where everything is fast, people just go straight to the point and threw out all of the patience to an interesting phrase. It's like they just skip the whole process and go straight for what they want.

Ah well. Khalas. Next time I won't wear that shirt ever again. Hah!

You wish!

I will continue to wear but...I will see also laa the place where I am going. If I were to wear it in a place where people will be respect then yeah why not? Besides, I am dressing up for myself arent' I?

eunice gm.

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