Apr 1, 2016

One and Only

Hola peeps.

There was a dinner with my colleagues just now and after dinner we had a small session where we start singing songs randomly in our head. Then, a colleague sung a song which just touched my heart.

To those who had been following Sleek and Pump for some time, I am sure you guys know that I had enter the age where people my age group are starting to start their family and I am one of those who got caught up with studies so I am a little slow on this stage of life. I don't really mind actually but at some point when someone is getting married or you heard a song on the radio, your brain just tend to wander on its own. High five if you faced the same thing too.

Anyway, this song touched my heart so much laa cause of its lyrics. It's lyrics is just so beautiful and c'mon who am I kidding right? This is Adele- the woman who can make big guys shed their tears.

The song just remind me once again that I don't have to bring myself down just so a guy would say that I am the right girl for him. Besides, given my attitude and character, I would say that I am one stubborn girl who likes to be independent *unless I am lazy* and someone who would bring up a wall so that no one can step through it. However, if guys come across these type of girls, and he is not strong enough, I tell you- he will go running looking for someone else who is easier to get.

I am not saying this to scared anyone but I am in that situation. It's hard for me to open up my feelings and it needs so much on the other party to help me to open up to him. He needs to be daring, he needs to be patience, he needs to be challenging. This might scared some of the guys away but wait boys- once the girls see you trying your best, and once our heart is yours, I can say that no other guys will ever take your place. That position is not simple taken by anyone. It needs hard work and the hard work does not come from words alone. It needs action buddy.

You might say that girls like this are stuck up or AKA- A bitch.

It's okaay. I rather have my heart lock up somewhere safe and sound and wait for someone daring to challenge me to take it out rather than just giving it randomly to anyone who is willingly to take it. I don't mind the wait. Although, it may take some time but it's okaay. We will be fine girls. I will be fine. You will be fine.

Like one of the phrase says,

"I know it ain't easy, giving up your heart. Nobody is perfect. Trust me I learned it."

I think these words are meant for the girls who got their heart locked up. =D

So, to the guys out there- sometimes girls are not a bitch. They just act like one to make sure that jerks don't come knocking on the door begging for their heart. However, sometimes those girls don't know how to differentiate those jerks and those prince so we ended up giving all the same treatment. Therefore, please be a prince to all girls out there and to all girls, please be nice at times. It's only fair that both parties can be transparent (or maybe mild transparent) to each other to make it work.

Lol. This advice hits me straight in my face. I don't know how I am going to know if a guy is true to his heart or not but I do know I am willing to try if he seems to be willing to try too.

So, to girls out there- and to myself. It's okay. Keep working at what you are working at now and focus on it. The prince will one day come by and be ready to fight your dragon to prove to you that he is willing to put on a fight for that heart of yours.

And, here I go again, sounding dramatic. I should stop now and put myself to sleep.


Stay awesome people and enjoy the song. 

eunice gm.

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