Nov 23, 2016

Where did 2016 went?

Heloo awesome people of the earth! Gosh, time has once again taken over us, human race and ruined us all. We are getting older and things are changing like nobody's business. Tons of things has change around here in the blogging world and tons of things are going to change in the future - which makes me sad and happy all at the same time.

Anyway, how has the year 2016 has been treating you? Was it good? Has good things happen? Did life tried to bring you down? Well, year 2016 has been a year of blessing and a year of learning. I went through tons of things that brought me up AND brought me down. C'mon, who am I going to lie when life is full of up's and down's?

The Down's

I lost some friends this year. Both to accidents which took their lives and tragiclly, I can never say bye or hello to them ever again. It's just the memories of us all now. I lost a few close friends too, which I thought they would continue to be my bestie - but no. Things change when distance took over. Things change when we see the world differently. Things change when bad stuff tested the friendship.

I got into some medical issues which are all new to me but old to others. I don't feel comfortable discussing about that but maybe - one day - who knows?

Tons of people came into my life this year and - they left too. Interns, employees, mentors, inspiring people, many who actually played a part in building up my 2016 came through the door and left for personal reasons. I met different kind of people, listen to new stories, learned new things, and - say goodbye too.

I felt into the society trap - where all cool things are good but no my friend. Not all cool things are good for your body, soul and mind. Apparently, I lost a good sense of some stuff regarding myself. However, losing it does not mean that it has been lost forever. It's just - complicated.

The Up's

Ouh - this is a tough one. It's always the unhappy stuff that people remember, don't it?

I gained tons of different people in my life. I got a job - which can support myself and help out a little with the family. I graduated. I travelled a bit - and going to travel again. I see the world with the same pair of eyes but with different view now. I found myself life goals which is going to stick around. I found love - and lose it again (Which is actually a good thing). I volunterred.


I think that's it. Maybe I left a few good/bad stuff out but things are good. I am happy 80% of my time in 2016. Please don't bring back memories from year 2012. Overall, I am happy.

And that is the most important thing right?

Be happy and shine on, Unicorn!

There - I belanja one personal photo. Tattoo inspiration people?

Eunice GM