Jun 28, 2017

Mini Adventure Around Kuala Lumpur


As you would have known, I would be spending two months of my life as an intern in KL now and I have yet to experience everything. It seems that the days for weekend is too short and the people that I hang out with is always not going into KL, but I did visited other places, so that is cool too.

Anyway, I decided to head for a one day #runawaykid on my own and here was what I did.

Morning- 8.30am

Head out to Village Park to have their famous Nasi Lemak. I heard from a collegue that it is good and yeah, it is good but to pay RM9 for a plate of nasi lemak, urgh. However, if you don't mind the price,it's really good cause it has a huge portion of chicken with it so you did get your worth of the deal.


Went to Kingdom City church to feed on my spiritual body. They mentioned that this sunday will be the 10th aniversary for the church so apparently, we will be having the service in Sunway Convention Center. Fingers crossed that I can find a good parking spot!


Officially start of my journey on the LRT Train from Taman Bahagia. I think it cost me around RM3.90? I took that to Pasar Seni cause that is my first location to visit as a #runawaykid. I went to the Central Market and took a good look on the stuff there but being a Malaysian, I don't have a good reason to support the tourist business right? haha. I did however bought myself a bracelet or an anklet for RM4.

The weather was hot and I was only a few minutes away from China Town but did not realize that so did not went into that area. The heat was killing me but I wasn't ready to give it all up so I make up my mind to visit KL Sentral and try to find my way to the National Museum. Once I got there, i was literally lost. The police was not really helping cause they were telling me all kind of different methods in reaching the museum. I did however found it after a 10 minute walk away from KL Sentral and with the price of RM2, I as a Malaysian would be proud to say that I LOVE it.

*do I sound sarcastic enough?*

I do love the museum cause it has tons of things that is backdated but I got bored casue most of the stuff in there is in the back of my head. I did had my share of fun in the early days where cave men runs around in our world but the few sections after that is just the things that I had learn when I was a kid. I prefer the museum in Melaka though. It has more stuff and gives off a bit more of the historical feeling.

*did not manage to get a picture cause I was alone*

Right after that amazing trip alone in the museum, I decided to take a bus back to KL Sentral and go walking in the mall before heading back for chicken rice around Petaling Jaya. However, things went a little spontaneous.

While I was waiting at the bus stop, a couple came up to me and ask the way to go to KLCC and being the friendly me, I talked to them and shared whatever that I was sharing. We then waited for the bus togehter and boom, we became friends and start hanging out for the rest of the day. It was weird and I felt weird but it was fine after. Anyway, we needed each other company I guess. They need someone to bring them to KLCC and I need some people around me so that I don't kept talking to snapchat. *Yesh, I am on snapchat*

The day ended pretty well I would say but I did lost my TouchNGo card on the way and I have yet to claim back my points from Watson's but ah well, I just got to get a new card and stop putting stuff into my back pocket.


Why oh why does this have to be released after one year? LOL.

Eunice GM

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