Mar 31, 2018

Chapter 1 : The Introduction

I have a story to share. I am not sure if this story would be read by anyone but I would like to start record this story since it's unfolding in my head every awake moment that I have.

It was a warm, sunny day. Dogs and their parents are running around the park. It was all a beautiful, slow rhythm. A group of older women were practicing tai chi and a group of older men were sitting down, talking about their sons and daughter-in-laws. Some were allowing their grandchildren to run around the park without supervision. It was a safe neighborhood. Dogs, children, women and men mingle around with harmony.

She hurried along in that quiet environment. There was no time to pause and say good morning to anyone. It was all in an hurry. She was late. There was no way she could be late on her first few weeks of work. She has to proved to her boss that she is able to be responsible for her adult life. How could she even think of faking a MC just so to avoid being call irresponsible?

Reaching the office, no one even figured that she was late. In fact, it was only 15 minutes late, her mentor said. "Don't worry. Some people come in even later than you" She smiled. Deep down, she knew she had failed something on that day. Although that is normal but deep inside, she knew that was unacceptable behavior. "By the way, we would be expecting some new team members today." He winked. "New fish in here"


A brand new day. A brand new start in a new place. A good idea to put everything behind and move forward with a new things. A past that no one has to know. A future that is uncertainty but definitely new. That was all on the mind of the main character of this story. He has got home after a long time. It is now time to be somewhere close to ground and try out something new. The morning has been a harsh one, with induction taking their sweet time with everyone else. It is good in someway that he do not need to be rush but he yearn to be able to meet new people and learn anything new that can be possible to learn.

A talk in the room. A friendly gesture by team members. A look. A stare. Someone new.


There's the new kid in town. Friendly gesture. A look. Back to work. She failed something, remember?

It's past my bed time. I guess here is where I would close chapter 1.


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