May 27, 2018

Chapter 2 : The Unknown

One more from the brain.
I have no idea why I am in here but I do know there is a pattern when I am in here.
My mind is lonely and my heart itches to pour out it's contents.


"We should go out someday" "What?" "You heard me, we should go out."

A random speech. An invitation to go out together with no one else but us. Just us. Both of us. With no one else to distract us. A sudden thought. A sudden fear. "Sure, we should."

"Let's do tomorrow. We can go somewhere fancy."

A chuckle. Fancy is not a word to describe her. She is far too much a hobbit with her t-shirt and jeans. Sneakers and slippers are her best friends.

"I don't do fancy but we can go get some good food."

Food works good too. Fancy place scares him. There would be too many people and too many noises to take away her voice.

"Yes, let me bring you somewhere for some good food. It would be so good that you would beg for more." He joked.


There is so many things that a person wants. Luxury, wealth, health, love and so much more but how many people actually wants something that he or she already has? Can someone's love really grow day by day? Can someone continue to be committed even with days passed by? Can someone stay strong in a relationship when all has become a routine?

Those are questions, asked by a young girl once. There are so many questions in her little mind but no one to give her a answer that satisfy her curious soul. Growing with that questions build a lady who questions everyone's good intention. Every single kindness needs to be repay. Every single action needs to have a equal reaction. How could she accept someone who continues to give and not accept anything from her? How can she learn to take and not to give?

The questions changes day by day. From trust issues, she starts to hallucinate situations where she needs to give up everything to be someone that he wants. Someone that he can proudly share to the world. Someone who differs from her.

There are so many questions in mind. She is afraid of who she would turn to be in the future. She is afraid of the...



Ahh - I am stuck on the male character. What does a guy feels when he falls in love? What does a guy thinks? I have no clue given that my friends who fall head over heels are usually the female character.

If you readers out there have any clue, please share some thoughts with me.


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